How to De Stress When You’ve Been a Busy Bee

June 16, 2018

Crate a Party

An important theme in today's modern world, stress is getting to us all. We all lead busy lives, with career, family and health (both mental and physical) a constant juggling act. Today I’m going to be sharing with you a few of my most basic tips, for winding down and taking a bit of time for yourself. While fairly obvious, I find that it is often the most simple of things that we often forget. Hopefully these will serve as a gentle reminder when you get to the end of the week and need to recharge your energy levels.








We all need food to survive, it’s a basic human need. But I’m talking about, switching off your laptop, putting down your phone and actually cooking, slowly and calmly for a few hours. Food is fuel, but can also be the most wonderful treat, to yourself and whoever you're cooking for. I find cooking so therapeutic, and such an enjoyable experience, when not done in a rush. Plus the end result is almost always worth it. A recipe book I have been loving recently is called BOSH, and it’s completely plant based recipes that are DELICIOUS. Check it out if you’re finding yourself in a recipe rut.






Often when we feel stressed, the easy option would be to shut ourselves away with the feeling and not resurface until we feel we have regained control. However sometimes, the best thing for it is to actually do the complete opposite. Instead of moping inside, feeling sorry for yourself, send a WhatsApp to a few pals and arrange a get together. Being around people you love, catching up and belly laughing is one of the greatest stress relievers, in my experience.


Write it Down


When you’ve got a lot on, it can sometimes feel like your brain can't take any more information. These are the times I sit down and make one of my trusty to do lists, to empty out a few of the tasks taking up room. I also find journaling amazing for preparing myself for a relaxing weekend. Scribbling out all of my thoughts onto a bit of paper, or into a journal, frees up so much space in my brain to then focus on the task at hand, or on really relishing some much deserved downtime.




This might not be to everyone's cup of tea, but if you’re someone, similar to myself, who likes having everything in order this could be the one for you. Often I find I get to the end of the week, and things that were so in order, have fallen into disarray. So taking a bit of time over the weekend to clean, tidy, sort clothes, etc, does wonders for my stress levels by the time Monday rolls around again.


Box Set Bliss


If you find yourself in need of a complete duvet day, don’t resist it, embrace it! These are the days that Netflix was made for, pick yourself a box set, order a takeaway and switch off. While, I find it extremely difficult to do just this, I’ve realised, if it’s a rare occurrence, these days can completely refill my fuel tank and actually get me excited for getting back into the business of the week to come.


So there you go! A few simple tips, to recharge after a hectic week. If you have any other tips that have worked for you- leave them in the comments below!


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