Whizpoppingly Good Party Ideas

August 3, 2016

Crate a Party


Crate a Party are super excited about the release of the the new BFG film. Having gone to see it over the weekend I thought I'd write a blog giving you a few tips on how to throw a whizpoppingly good BFG party of your own.


 Dress Code


As Sophie spends most of the time (in the book especially) in her PJs why not get all the guests to arrive in theirs too! 




Party Food


Enjoy tiny snacks to make the guests feel like giants! For example you can have: baby carrots, mini Ritz crackers and mini cupcakes. 





Make the birthday cake as mad as you like (just like the BFG himself). Check out Georgia's Cakes Instagram page for some ideas and inspiration!


 Party Games


For a little fun get all the guests making their own set of BFG ears. Take a look here for some tips on how to do this. All you'll need are some paper plates, pencils, string, and some hairbands.  Maybe you can give a prize to the best set of ears! 




DIY dream jars! What you'll need is:


 -A couple of jam jars

- Water

- Paint (at least 2 colour)

- Cotton wool

- Glitter


1) Fill 1/3 of the jar up with water then add a bit of paint.

2) Pop the lid back on and shake together and mix well. Add a bit of glitter, stretch the cotton wool balls until the bottom is filled with cotton wool, pressing them down into the water with a stick. 

3) Fill another 1/3 of the jar with water and add several drops of contrasting paint and repeat steps 2-3

4) Fill the final 1/3 of the jar with water and repeat steps 2-4




Going Home Presents


 Butterfly/fishing nets (otherwise know as dream catchers) will make great going home presents. Nets can be found online or if you are going to the seaside this summer try looking in souvenir shops there. You can make little name tags to tie around each net to give to the children after the party. 








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